"By my calculations, I took 220,752,000 incorrect breaths before I started to do it right. Slow learner, I know. I'd breathed the same way for forty-two years. Then… Justin Stoney gave me a lesson."


New York Times Best Selling Author of "The Year of Living Biblically"
and "The Know It All"

Esquire Magazine

Magazine August 2010

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"Justin and his colleagues are doing amazing work at New York Vocal Coaching. Performers of all levels can develop the skills they need in a truly safe, supportive, and nurturing atmosphere. From the most experienced singer to the dancer who is nervous about singing auditions, the technique that Justin teaches provides a solid foundation that really opens up the voice to express itself freely and effortlessly. I highly recommend Justin and his team to any and everyone who wants to sing and reach their full potential."


3-Time Tony Award Nominated Director and Choreographer

The Tony Awards
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"Justin is the best vocal coach I've ever had! After my initial class with Justin, I remember thinking that it was the first time in my life that I had ever truly enjoyed a voice class. His method made me so excited and made me look forward to working on what we'd gone over and wanting to improve myself. Not only is he great at the technical aspect of the voice, protecting it and training it correctly, but he also is a great source of encouragement… "


NBC's The Michael J. Fox Show

Michael J. Fox Logo NBC Logo
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"I feel genuinely lucky to have met Justin. He has me singing notes that scared the heck out me before… and I'm singing them with ease! From the second you walk into his studio for a lesson Justin has a way of making you feel comfortable. As the lesson proceeds, you feel confident, like you can sing anything. And with Justin, you usually can…"


ABC’s Modern Family

Legally Blonde Elf South Pacific ABC's Modern Family
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"When I walked into Justin Stoney's studio, I never imagined that my time with him would so rapidly change the way I access my pop sound and the manner in which I now approach singing holistically. There are many good vocal teachers in New York City, but Justin is one of the elite. His love of teaching is evidenced through his compassionate demeanor and his technical and pedagogical knowledge-with diagrams conveniently displayed on a huge screen during his explanations! When I came to Justin for lessons, I had… "


Finalist On X-Factor Classical And Pop Crossover Singer

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"I first met Justin in his capacity as an accompanist. He pulled us out of a crisis and was astonishingly good. Not everyone who plays the piano is qualified to play auditions but Justin really delivered. I found out later he is a musical wizard. The results I've seen from his vocal coaching and voice lessons in performers who have worked with him has been remarkable. He enthusiastically and joyfully helps others to attain the results that have long escaped them working with other coaches or in acting and singing classes. I recommend him to actors, singers, and dancers of all ages and skill levels without qualification"


Legendary casting director of dozens of Broadway shows,
major films, and television shows including The Cosby Show

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"I have 5 albums out and so I thought there was not much left for me to learn. But I was wrong because I met Justin! I have learned so much in such a short period of time. So fast! I wish I’d met him before! Great technique, great taste, great sensibility. Simply a thrill to be coached by him!"

Latin Pop Singer

#1 Latin Billboard with the hit song "En Soledad"
2007 tour with Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony 

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"I started my career as a child performer and I was pursuing dancing until I had to audition for the Professional Performing Arts School. Justin introduced the art of singing to me by working around my individual voice and he created many vocal goals for me to commit to as a performer. His training included helpful technique, and artistic tips to make me prepared for anything. Justin is also very comfortable with technology and picks out the perfect repertoire pieces for each personal journey. Justin was very helpful in encouraging acting into my performing as well. Shortly after this training, I booked three professional jobs back-to-back…"


Booked BILLY ELLIOT on Broadway

Billy Elliot
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"I had the privilege of working with Justin whilst I was in New York for a few months. Never have I gained so much vocally in such a short space of time. I have been studying singing for over ten years and within a few sessions I understood more about the capabilities of my voice than I have during those aforementioned years. Many teachers know the subject matter, and many are good are boosting confidence (which working singers will know can be crucial) but very few are able to combine both, and communicate the mechanisms of your voice in an accessible, clear and workable way; a way that leaves you feeling confident about hitting…"


Actress/Singer London's West End

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"Justin Stoney is a one-stop shop to vocal brilliance. He is equally adept in all areas needed to guide your voice into the professional performance world. I was first introduced to him as an accompanist (for a vocal workshop) in which I found his musicality most fabulous. Then, found out he was also a vocal instructor and coach…"



Phantom Of The Opera
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